I know I’ve said this about every part of our Italy journey, but I think that Venice felt the most like something out of a dream! The floating city has no roads, only canals.  To get around you’ve got to either walk, bike, or take a boat ride.  The city is covered in bridges and […]

Italy Part 5 | Venice | Travel


During one of our days at the villa, we made a day-trip to Cinque Terre.  Cinque Terre is a portion of the northwest Italian coast, and it’s made up of five different villages.  Cars must be parked on the outside of the towns, and from there you can travel from village to village by train […]

Italy Part 3 | Cinque Terre | Travel


It’s now been a little over one year since I took the trip of a lifetime, and it’s about time I share some of these photos with y’all!  Last summer, my blogger / social media influencer friends Jenn (aka Haute Off The Rack) and Krystal (aka A Pinch Of Lovely) flew me halfway across the world so I could take photos […]

Italy Part 1 | Rome | Travel


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