Your day should be a reflection of you. Every couple's story is unique and special, and this is why I love being a wedding photographer!  No two weddings are the same!  I am honored and excited to play such a huge part in your celebration. Your day will be filled with so many emotions, and I aim to capture it exactly as it unfolds.  I will be a fly on the wall, but I will also be there for you... To keep you smiling and feeling stress-free.

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Whether you are newly engaged, expecting a little one, or celebrating an anniversary… Let’s document and celebrate you and your boo! I will be there to guide and pose you, but mostly I just want you to love on each other and have a good time! Squeeze each other tight. Make each other laugh. I’ll just be there acting goofy and making you feel less awkward by being awkward myself… All while capturing you just being you!

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting a session of your own in your dream dress! Some people may say that bridal portraits are old-school and unnecessary, but they are so much fun that I don’t care what anyone says! I have yet to meet a bride who regrets having these photos taken.  This is your time, and you feel more beautiful than ever before... Let’s celebrate that! Bonus points if you can get your groom involved!

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