Let's adventure together

Hey y'all! I'm Lainey.

I’m a Louisiana-based wedding and portrait photographer.

I’ve always been a people-watcher. I’ve always been a listener, rather than a talker. I used to be ashamed of my quiet and introspective personality when I was younger, but now I realize that it’s actually my super power. While everyone else is busy talking and speeding through life... I’m observing. This is why being a photographer just makes sense for me. Photography is my form of self-expression, and behind the camera is where I feel right at home.

I’m a sentimental girl. I’ve always had an obsession with photographs. Even as a kid in middle school, I’d bring disposable cameras to sleepovers because I wanted to have reminders of the fun times to look back on later! I’m passionate about preserving memories, and I’m also passionate about serving people and making them feel cared for. I fell in love with art in college, and I decided to make a career out of it… I began photographing weddings in 2013, and I haven’t looked back since!

I’m an easy-going, low-maintenance kind of girl. I’ve got a huge heart. I’m a lover of travel, adventure, and anything involving the outdoors. The simple things in life are what make me the happiest… A hot cup of coffee, a beautiful sunset, a night at home re-watching episodes of Parks and Recreation or Modern Family, a glass of red wine, or even just a minute of attention from a dog. It doesn’t take much to make me smile! I believe that laughter is the best medicine, and I guess that’s why my favorite photos are always of people laughing.  I’m all about finding the joy and beauty in things. Let’s grab coffee and be friends!