August 22, 2018


Italy Part 5 | Venice | Travel

I know I’ve said this about every part of our Italy journey, but I think that Venice felt the most like something out of a dream!

The floating city has no roads, only canals.  To get around you’ve got to either walk, bike, or take a boat ride.  The city is covered in bridges and stairs, so if you’re visiting and ready to explore, get ready to do some serious walking!

There are hidden alleys and small streets with every turn you take, and it’s almost impossible not to get lost while wandering around.  When asking people for advice on what we “must do” while visiting Venice for 24 hours, the response we always got was GET LOST!  We didn’t understand why people were saying this until we were out and about, but then it all made sense.  We learned that getting lost in Venice was the absolute best way to experience the city!  We basically spent our whole day simply walking around and taking it all in without any specific destination in mind.

If I am lucky enough to ever go back, I wouldn’t do it any other way!  Just wandering through the alleys and along canals of Venice was a magical experience in itself!

Before calling it a night in Venice, we managed to find the BEST gelato (and we had a lot of good gelato throughout the week, so this is saying a lot)  The place is named Suso!  It was so delicious that we decided we had to go back and get one more taste of gelato in the MORNING before we left for our Mediterranean cruise!  (breakfast of champions LOL)

It’s really impossible for me to say which part of Italy was my favorite, because I loved every city for different reasons!  Venice is definitely at the top of the list though!  I am so thankful that I got to visit and experience this magical place!

The morning that we left Venice, we departed for a week-long cruise through the Mediterranean!  So I will have to write one more lengthy blog post to cover our cruise experience where we got to visit Montenegró, Greece, Croatia!

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