March 7, 2017


Charleston, South Carolina | Travel

Last month I had the opportunity to go on a girl’s trip with local fashion/lifestyle/travel bloggers A Pinch of Lovely and Haute off the Rack.  This will hopefully be the first of many adventures with these girls!  I have so much fun working with them!

Charleston is about as picturesque as it gets…  Almost all of the buildings are pastel-colored and surrounded by flowers and palm trees.

We took a walking tour of the historic downtown area, which I really enjoyed because we got to learn about some of the city’s history…  But if I ever find myself in Charleston again, I’m going to go for a ghost tour!  I can’t imagine the creepy stories that this old city has to offer.  I love stuff like that!  Charleston reminded me of New Orleans in lots of ways…  Except Charleston is much quieter and definitely cleaner!  One big similarity to Nola —  Amazing food.  These people seriously know what they’re doing when it comes to food.  I wish we had spent more time there, if only to try more restaurants!

Foodie Heaven

It’s been a month, and I’m still thinking about how GOOD the food was in Charleston!

( I didn’t get photos at these other places, but they were equally amazing:  167 RAW and Xiao Bao Biscuit )

Here were some of our favorite spots:

Poogan’s Porch


The Watch: Rooftop Kitchen & Spirits at The Restoration Hotel

Sugar Bakeshop



Where We Stayed

Zero George Street

This boutique hotel has been by far my favorite place I’ve EVER stayed.  I was so sad to leave it!  This place was so adorable and full of historic charm.  Plus, they had the cutest bikes available for rental.  Delicious coffee and breakfast were served every morning, followed by wine and cheese hour at 5:00 every afternoon.  That’s basically my idea of vacation heaven.  I hope I get to come back here someday!


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