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Earlier this fall, I had the honor of being a part of a proposal!  Mari is a sweetheart I met through another wedding where she was the makeup artist / friend of the bride.  Her boyfriend Joseph was the live painter at that same wedding, and after snapping a photo of them together that night I thought they were the cutest couple.  We kept in touch, and Mari would mention things like “one day you’re going to be my wedding photographer!”  This made my very happy!  So whenever Joe reached out about the possibility of me documenting the proposal, I was beyond excited!!!  I seriously cannot wait to work with this awesome couple and be a part of them getting married!

I asked Mari to explain the story behind the proposal, because I knew she’d do a better job than me.  🙂  So here is the story of Mari and Joe came to be engaged!  I dare you to try not to feel the feels.


Me and Joseph met 3 years ago tailgating for an LSU game, we met in front of Chimes, prime tailgating area. I will never forget walking away after meeting him remembering my soul feel “that was a special one” I knew in that moment he would have an impact on my life in some way or another. A month later, he messaged me on Facebook and that’s where it all started. Before we knew it we were living together downtown in our cute little 600 square foot apartment, where he would paint hours on end. Joseph is an artist by the way, he studied at LSU in the art and design program and we spent many hours in the art building, I would watch him paint for hours. That art studio was where we first fell in love and where we spent the most time with each other and Joe got to do what he does best, paint.


3 years later, on October 14th, we went tailgating for LSU, and Joe decided to walk me over to the art building, where he had a painting he has done of me and him in front of chimes where it all started. He got down on one knee and told me “I can’t express myself in words very well, so I made art instead, will you spend the rest of your life with me?” And of course I said YES! I am so happy to begin our journey with each other and even more thrilled that he involves where it all started, the art studio, into the proposal.


I can’t thank you enough Lainey for being a part of our most special day yet. Clearly you can tell it was written all over my face when I saw you, just how thrilled I was! We are so excited to have you ride along with our journey of marriage! Words can’t express how thankful we are that you were able to capture our raw emotion that Saturday. The tears, the smiles, the hugs and the kisses. Thank YOU! Xoxoxo


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