February 16, 2017


Rose Emilia

So, the last you’ve seen of my sister here on the blog was when I posted her maternity shoot from last summer.  As I was photographing her sporting her baby bump (and I should add, she looked ridiculously beautiful), I remember thinking how surreal it all felt…  I couldn’t imagine what life would be like for our family once this little baby was actually in the world!

Now that Rose is here (and we’re all crazy obsessed / madly in love with her), I can’t imagine our family without her!  She’s the best!

The first set of these photos were taken just about 3 weeks after Rose was born.  She was still so brand new.  It’s crazy to look back at.  Oh, and she was NOT feeling the photo-shoot that day.  Actually, she was pretty upset and hated every minute of it.  LOL.

I cherish these photos now that I can see them in comparison to our more recent ones, because you can see how much she’s grown and changed in a short 3 months!  It’s the coolest thing to witness.  I also think it’s really funny to see how the reactions of Mick (their golden retriever) to the baby have changed…  He went from super curious and concerned…  To finally accepting that he’s no longer the center of attention.  : )

Everyone told me how much I was going to love being an aunt, and I believed them… but now I really get it.  This little nugget (who is an angel and is the cutest thing ever) came from my sister, and so I feel like she’s a part of me too.  Plus, she thinks I’m hilarious and all of the smiles and laughs she gives me just MELT my heart.  I’m going to pretend it’s actually ME she’s laughing at and not just the fact that I talk to her in a squeaky, high-pitched voice!

Oops, I just went on a rant about all her cuteness.  See?!  I’m obsessed with her!  Once you look at these photos of her, you will understand why.  I can’t help it.

Anyways…  As of yesterday, Rose is a 3 month old!  Everyone talks about how fast babies grow, but you don’t really understand until you see it happening before your own eyes!  It’s amazing.  It’s so much fun to watch her grow, and every time I visit her personality has developed more and more!  She’s awesome.  I truly believe she’s gonna be the coolest kid ever.

I loved documenting this journey to motherhood for my sweet sister.  She’s already such an amazing mom to Rose.  I can’t wait to see what’s to come, and I can’t wait to document many more milestones for this sweet baby girl.

My heart is so full.  <3

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