Church Family | Baton Rouge, La.

This family holds a special place in my heart.

Kasey is a good friend of my sister’s.  We’ve all known each other pretty much our whole lives because we all grew up in the same small town.

So around the time I first started trying out my hand at photography in college about 5 years ago,  Kasey had her first baby.  She asked me to take newborn photos of her new baby boy, Nixxon.  A couple of years later, they were pregnant again…  This time it was a girl, and they named her Veyda. (I’ve always loved that name since My Girl)  Once again, they asked me to take her newborn photos.

It is just so cool to watch a family grow from behind my camera.

Fast forward to fall of 2016, and look at how big these babies are!!!  I still can’t get over it.  I can’t imagine how Mom and Dad feel!

It’s so amazing to see kids’ personalities develop as they get older.  Nixxon is the biggest sweetheart.  Veyda is something else!  I kept telling her that she looked like a princess in her dress, but she had zero response to that compliment.  Then I found out that she’s actually more into super heroes, so I started asking her if she was Spiderman… and you should have seen the reaction!

I laughed so much while I chased her around just attempting to get a photo that was in focus, because we couldn’t get her to stay put for a minute!  She is so happy though.  And for a brother and sister of that age, they get along like best friends.  It’s the cutest thing EVER.  This shoot was a fun challenge for me, and I love how the photos turned out because they reflect real life.

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