Alexis | Bridal | Rip Van Winkle Gardens

A sunny day.  A nice breeze in the air.  A timeless beauty of a bride.  A location that never lets me down when it comes to gigantic trees and pretty light.  All of these things mean that this bridal shoot was a success.  Here are my favorite shots of Alexis in her wedding dress.

Fun fact:  It hadn’t rained in weeks when we took these photos, so the gardens had some crazy-intense sprinklers running EVERYWHERE!  This could have been a major annoyance, but luckily we all had a good attitude about it!  We had to figure out ways to outrun the sprinklers and find spots that were dry — and with that dress and veil of hers, it wasn’t very easy!  We really laughed a lot in the process though!  Also, the sprinkler mist ended up looking kinda cool in the background of some of these shots.  : )

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