Blair | Bridal | New Orleans, La.

My shoot with Blair wins the award of most challenging bridal session to date!  That might sound bad, but let me explain…

We knew going into this day that it would be hot (this was the last weekend in July), but nothing prepared us for exactly how HOT it was going to be outside while shooting!   It felt like 110 degrees, and there was not a cloud in the sky, making it feel like we were in an oven!  I’m pretty sure this is the most I’ve EVER sweated while shooting.  (and that’s saying a lot, because I’m always kinda sweaty haha!)  I’m so glad I don’t know what I looked like while taking these photos!  Having limited shade available also made my job at finding flattering light for my bride extra difficult.

Blair forgot her bouquet at the hair salon.  Her mom had trouble finding us at our first location.  It started pouring down rain as we got to our second location.  Blair’s shoe ended up breaking.  Many obstacles, y’all!

I’m only telling you all of this to say…  None of our struggles kept Blair from smiling and radiating beauty and joy!  I love looking back at these, because you’d never know things weren’t going as perfectly as planned!  Her attitude was amazing, and we laughed the whole time!  This girl is a gem.  I’m so happy I got to take these photos for her.

New Orleans City Park Botanical Gardens was our first location.  The second location we used was actually the New Orleans criminal justice court house!  How cool, right?!  Blair had some connections, and we were able to take some photos there.  I’m obsessed with how those turned out!

So here are my favorite shots of Blair in that gorgeous wedding dress of hers..


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