Desiree’ + Alex | Engagement | Mandeville, La.

This was one of those days where my work felt completely effortless.  I just showed up with my camera, and Desi and Alex did all the work for me.

These two didn’t hold back from laughing and being goofy (which always makes for excellent photos!).  They really just genuinely enjoyed spending this time together.  You can tell they’ve loved each other for a long time…  I don’t think they could be more comfortable with each other…  And the way they make each other smile and laugh could melt anyone’s heart.  I’m actually obsessed with them.  So so so so excited that I get to be the one to document their wedding day!  If it’s anything like the day of our engagement session, it’s going to be beautiful and so much fun.

Here are my favorites from my afternoon with Desi and Alex at Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville!  The light was golden, the tide was low, and it was all pretty freakin’ perfect.


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