Kirby | Bridal | Baton Rouge, La.

This girl right here.  Stunning.  Flawless.  Such beauty!  Not to mention she is just an awesome person in general.  Kirby has been one of my sister’s good friends for years now, and I’m so glad that now I can call her a friend too.  🙂

We almost weren’t able to take these photos at all.  Kirby’s dress needed last minute alterations, and her dress wasn’t ready until a week before the wedding!  So we had to ditch our original plan, and make it work last minute.  We took these photos in her mom’s backyard on the Sunday before she was to be married.  It was a nice challenge and change of pace to be given such a simple setting to use as a location…  It forced me to really focus on Kirby and what the light was doing.  No distractions, and I love it.  Obsessed with how these turned out!

P.S.  Kirby’s dog, Gracie, hopped in for a few photos at the end, and I think those might be my favorites!  There’s nothing like a bride with her furry best friend!


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